Minimally Invasive Procedures

Women’s Health Specialists is a group of highly skilled OB/Gyns who are often sought by women and referring physicians throughout the Bay Area desiring advanced techniques in gynecologic surgery. Our focus is minimally invasive surgeries that solve problems with smaller incisions, less pain, and a rapid return to regular activities.

All these procedures are available in the Washington Outpatient Surgery Center, and many are available in the convenience of our state of–the art procedure room in our office.

Heavy Periods – Endometrial Ablation

Dare to wear white… Imagine freedom from heavy monthly bleeding? An alternative to hormones or hysterectomy. In about 90 seconds you can permanently reduce or eliminate a messy period.

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Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (LSH)

When a problem such as fibroids requires the removal of your uterus, having it done with a scope through button hole size incisions makes for a less painful, rapid recovery. Your cervix and ovaries are preserved, maintaining normal hormone and sexual function.

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Stress Urinary Incontinence – Urethral Sling (TVT)

No more pads… This revolutionary procedure restores bladder control for women who lose urine when they cough or exercise. A thin mesh ribbon lifts the bladder neck to a normal position during this 15 minute procedure. Over 85% of women report significant improvement, regaining bladder control and freedom to enjoy their active lives.

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Abnormal PAP (Cervical Dysplasia) – LEEP Procedure

In minutes, we can remove pre cancerous lesions from your cervix. The LEEP procedure replaces the traditional cone biopsy, shaving the abnormal tissues away. Over 90% of patients are cured in a single treatment.

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Highly effective, reversible contraception – Mirena® IUD

Many women are surprised to learn that condoms or birth control pills can fail, resulting in unplanned pregnancies. Intra uterine devices (IUD) offer women greater protection, over 99% effectiveness. In addition women choosing the Mirena® IUD also appreciate much lighter menstrual periods.

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