Surgery-Free Permanent Birth Control Should be 1st Choice for Women Who Have Completed Their Families

Surprisingly despite all the available methods of contraception, over half the pregnancies conceived in the United States are unplanned, this includes women over the age of 40 who falsely believe they cannot get pregnant. Even when used correctly birth control pills fail 5% and condoms 15%, per year. Are you comfortable with this risk of having an unplanned pregnancy? If you or someone you know has completed their family and is considering a form of permanent birth control, such as tubal ligation or a partner’s vasectomy, we would like to educate you about Non-Surgical Permanent Birth Control.

  • Surgery-free—A simple procedure performed in your doctor’s office in less than 10 minutes
  • Hormone-free—Works with your body to create a natural barrier to prevent pregnancy
  • Anesthesia-free—No slowing down to recover, and return to normal activities in less than a day
  • Worry-free—Since 2002 over half a million women and their doctors have trusted Essure® as the most effective permanent birth control

Hysteroscopic Sterilization is different from the traditional method of surgery called tubal ligation. There is no cutting into the body. Instead, your doctor inserts a thin scope through your body’s natural pathway of the vagina and into the uterus, where the openings to the fallopian tubes can be seen. Micro-inserts are placed into your fallopian tubes blocking them. Since most women only report mild cramps, you have the choice of having the procedure performed without general anesthesia. In fact, most women choose to have their procedure performed in the convenience of our office. Some women experience mild cramps afterwards and all return to their regular activities in less than a day. The doctors at Women’s Health Specialists were the first to perform Essure® and Adiana® in our community, and serve as instructors for other doctors desiring to learn this revolutionary office-based procedure.



During the first 3 months following Hysteroscopic Sterilization, your body and the micro-inserts work together to form a tissue barrier that permanently prevents sperm from reaching the egg.  During this time, you will need to use another form of birth control.  Then you will have a confirmation test to prove that your tubes are completely blocked and you can rely solely on Essure® or Adiana® for birth control.  Here’s what one of our patients says about her experience with Essure.


Unlike birth control pills, patches, rings, injections, and some forms of IUDs, Hysteroscopic Sterilization does not contain hormones that interfere with your natural menstrual cycle.  Your periods should continue in their natural state.  Clinical studies have shown Essure® to be 99.85% effective at preventing an unplanned pregnancy, surpassing traditional tubal ligation, vasectomy, and IUDs.  Consequently, it is not surprising that Hysteroscopic Sterilization is quickly becoming the treatment of choice for women seeking permanent birth control.  Finally, these procedures are usually covered by your medical insurance.  So if your family is complete schedule an appointment to talk to your doctor about more effective contraceptive options.