Healthy Bladder Habits

It is the little things that can make a BIG difference and this is so true with bladder control. As toddlers, we are potty trained. Ironically, as we grow old in the circle of life we often regress and revisit bladder control issues.  For women this most commonly manifests itself as stress urinary incontinence and urge incontinence (AKA: Overactive bladder). The embarrassment and humiliation keeps these women silent when there is so much we have to offer. There are also healthy bladder habits we should encourage that are summarized here:


Retraining our bladders can be accomplished at any age, but the earlier the better.

Should behavioral therapy fail women should report this to their doctor so that highly effective solutions can be considered. We repetitively hear the comment, “If only I knew how well the sling would work I would have done it years ago (to correct Stress Incontinence).” At Women’s Health Specialists we have three doctors who are passionately committed to caring for incontinent women and are set up to evaluate and successfully treat the majority of bladder problems.