Adiana Offers Permanent Birth Control Without Downtime

Women’s Health Specialists is pleased to announce that we are now offering Adiana® Permanent Contraception, a transcervical option for permanent birth control.  It is a safe, highly effective, and minimally invasive alternative to tubal ligation. Adiana is a procedure that eliminates the need for incisions, general anesthesia, and lengthy hospital stays. The procedure takes less than 12 minutes and patients are typically back to normal activities the next day. Our patients have the option of having it conveniently performed in our office or the outpatient surgery center. Menstrual cramps are about all you feel during the brief procedure.

adianaSimilar to Essure®, the Adiana procedure uses a thin telescope that’s inserted into the uterus. It allows placement of a soft, bio compatible silicone matrix in each of the patient’s fallopian tubes, which creates a permanent barrier within 3 months.  A confirmation test is then performed to prove bilateral tubal occlusion, reassuring all concerned.

Many women falsely believe that they can’t get pregnant after a specific age or that condoms are almost full proof (actually 15% of couples using condoms conceive each year). The security of Adiana may be of interest to women who are comfortable that they’ve completed childbearing and would like the certainty and convenience of permanent birth control.

Finally, hysteroscopic sterilization is even more effective (over 99%) than traditional tubal ligation. Combined with the aforementioned benefits this makes compelling logic for this to be the preferred method of permanent birth control for women.